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Estate Family Battles

July 10, 2010

No matter how close the family, money problems of a family member could upset an entire estate plan.

For example, the Settlor wants to leave the remainder of the estate to her children to be divided equally upon her death.

However, one of the children during the Settlor’s lifetime runs into financial difficulties.  The child turns to the only source he or she can think of to get out of the jam, the Settlor.

In most cases the Settlor is elderly, loves the children equally, but the Settlor does not have the heart to tell this needy child no.

Creative trust drafting can solve this problem.

For example, the trust can be written to provide loans to a beneficiary who needs the money now, versus later. The trust can provide for either a no interest payback or early distribution if the estate funds are sufficient.

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It is always better to anticipate and minimize future problems now to avoid a family battles in the future.